Extension Bolt


Profile in brief: WBT-0715:

Product Description:

The WBT-0715 makes possible the installation of WBT pole terminals in loudspeaker housings with a wall thickness in excess of 9 mm and where a mounting plate cannot be used. The WBT-0715 can be simply screwed on to the threaded bolt of the WBT terminal and permits installation up to a wall thickness of 50 mm.

A fixing nut and a serrated lock washer for extra hold are provided as part of the standard supply.

Important:  The cable for internal contact should be soldered or screwed on to the pole terminal as usual. The WBT-0715 is an installation help and is not part of the signal path.

The extension bolt can be used with all WBT classic pole terminals (with the exception of the WBT nextgen™ series!).


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