Impact sound interrupter WBT-0718


Profile in brief: WBT-0718:
  • For decoupling of the impact sound in contact elements
  • Stable mounting plate for twist-proof installation of all WBT pole terminals and WBT RCA sockets
  • Soft decoupling frame
  • Combined double spring system with rubber and plate spring characteristics
  • 2c injection technique for molecular surface interlinking in two materials

Product Description:

The impact sound interrupter WBT-0718 has been developed to solve a problem which is generally known. And this is the problem of contact microphony.

Constant vibrations, i.e. caused by the impact sound of a loudspeaker cabinet inevitably affect all contact elements. Fluctuations in the transition resistances are the result.These fluctuations result in clearly audible non-linear distortions. Non-linear distortions are incalculable and hence they cannot be corrected. Those who set a high value on high-end inevitably have to deal with this problem.

WBT impact sound interrupter comes into operation in the decisive spot – it acts as an interrupter of the impact sound, and thus it releases contact elements.

Explanatory notes:

[1] WBT provides special slot hole punches for retrofits.

[2] A look through the microscope reveals the real structure of an apparently smooth surface.


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