There it is at last: pure signal transmission!

German innovation company revolutionizes the entire high-end industry

Since 1985 WBT has been well known to all enthusiasts of the purest sound quality all over the world. Audiophiles admire the technical innovations and the know-how in terms of audio connectors of the company with its headquarters in Essen.

While hifi devices have experienced an enormous technical development, nothing really changed in the connector technology, a quality gap which WBT does fill today.

For many well-known and highly reputed audio manufacturers worldwide WBT technology is today standard in their audio devises. WBT connectors were the first ones to feature continually the collet chucking, clamping and expanding mechanisms. This enables to achieve the right contact pressure which provides for more precise transition characteristics. Only this way high quality audio devises are able to guarantee the highest sound quality. These innovations were however only the first step towards high-tech.

Functional materials are able to better fulfil their single tasks, and when embedded in a hybrid construction, they complete each other perfectly. Connectors which used to feature simple construction have become precisely defined interfaces: They are wideband capable, feature no eddy current and no mass storage, have vibration damping elements, and despite this tremendous improved performance they are also environmentally friendly.

Nowadays, all these connectors belonging to the nextgen™ series are high-tech products designed for the increasingly demanding electronics of our time.

This is why all products are developed by WBT and produced in fully automated manufacturing processes in our own production facilities in Essen, Germany, and from there exported to countries all over the world.

WBT-Industrie GmbH

Industry sector
Mechanical engineering
- Precision engineering

Main focus
Electromechanical connectors designed for the entertainment electronics,
high-tech medical equipment and measurement technology

Main principles
- highest quality standards
- effective and enviromentally friendly production
- protection of jobs in the domestic economy

Enviromentally friendly and resource-saving production!

The highest quality level in terms of mechanics and sound!

Fully automated production by WBT!
Made in Germany!

A guarantee for high-quality and originality!


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