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August 2012


Listening experiences, the Company of WBT in High Fidelity magazine, Germany

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April 2012

WAZ, Germany

Compromiseless the audio experience in mind

For 27 years, Wolfgang Thörner builds with his company in Kettwig WBT connectors in small quantities - making it the world leader.

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April 2012

STEREO, Germany

A generation further...
Hardly anyone puts deeper into the plug-technology as WBT boss Wolfgang B. Thörner. He explained STEREO why less can be even more.

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May 2011

MEO, Germany

In the May issue of this magazine, MEO starts with a monthly series that will present the most important industries in the MEO region

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February 2008

STEREO, Germany

[For the true audiophile: Copper or Silver? Full listening test of nextgen sockets and terminals]

>>> Comparison of sockets on Power Amp RG 7MK4 (Symphonic Line): WBT standard socket vs. nextgen WBT-0210 Cu and Ag; WBT standard terminals vs. nextgen WBT-0710 Cu and Ag

"After the changeover to the copper nextgens (WBT-0210 Cu), the same pieces started to grow as if they had been released from their chains and no longer had to struggle against an imaginary resistance.

TO CUT A LONG STORY SHORT: The transmission route via the standard sockets fell at the first hurdle. The sound images they generated were spatially cramped and were restrained in terms of tonal colour, reach and dynamism, in fact almost a little 'timid'. The standard versions had the same limitations and were a poor second to the nextgens." (Matthias Böde)

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