Cable End Sleeves


Profile in brief: WBT-043x:
  • made from pure copper for the best possible conductivity
  • 24 carat gold-plating for corrosion protection
  • available packed according to size in bags which can also be used as refill packs for the assortment box

Product Description:


Conductor materialmm²AWGQuantity*   Direct gold-
Platinium plating
Cable End Sleeves without Insulation Collar
  WBT-0430Cu0.520250 pcsx
  WBT-0431Cu0.7518250 pcsx
  WBT-0432Cu1.017150 pcsx
  WBT-0433Cu1.515100 pcsx
  WBT-0434Cu2.513100 pcsx
  WBT-0435Cu4.011200 pcsx
  WBT-0436Cu6.09125 pcsx
  WBT-0437Cu10.07100 pcsx
  WBT-0438Cu16.0540 pcsx

Conductor material: Ag = Fine silver, Cu = Pure copper

* Single supply through dealer to the consumer


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