nextgen™ Pole Terminal

WBT-0710 Cu mC

with copper signal conductor, surface of terminal body in velours chromium
Profile in brief: WBT-0710 Cu mC:
  • Signal conductor made of high-purity copper
  • CE and IEC compliant
  • Casing made of glass fibre and mineral reinforced plastic
  • Surface protection of the signal conductor by means of 24 carat direct gold plating (nickel-free)
  • Max. constant current 30 A, peak current 200 A
  • Twist-proof mounting
  • Puzzle plate system

Product Description:

nextgen™ - a new generation of connectors from WBT
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Thanks to the separation of signal transmission and mechanical stability, it is now possible to use optimum materials for the first time. Signals are transmitted using high-purity copper, one of the best electrical conductors. Copper has severe mechanical limitations, however, and its use is only permitted by an ingenious combination with high-performance plastics. The copper surface is naturally gold-plated to prevent corrosion.

Moreover, the soul of the new binding post WBT-0710 Cu mC is of one-piece design, removing all unnecessary transition resistance. The signal conductor is embedded in a matrix of fibre glass and mineral reinforced plastic and equipped with an anti-magnetic stainless steel strut for perfect strain relief. An additional elastomer damping ring keeps oscillations away from the contact level and successfully suppresses any kind of contact microphonics.

The design principle means that this construction has an electrical insulating effect. Decorative brass elements give the WBT-0710 nextgen™ its attractive appearance and make it pleasant to the touch without impairing electrical safety. As a result, the component meets all the relevant standards and safety regulations.

External connection
The ingenious angling of the signal conductor permits secure connection of spades, banana plugs and crimped cable ends.

Internal connection
Solder lugs that can be folded over if needed.
WBT recommends the surface-friendly silver solder WBT-0800 (see also solder connection).

Mounting insulators are supplied and ensure not only insulated but also twist-proof mounting and polarity identification. Counter nuts, double step washers with lug and puzzle plates are also supplied. The puzzle plates can be clipped into one another. This ensures precise terminal spacing of 19 or 30 mm, but above all absolute torsion protection. The nuts on appliances with high intrinsic mechanical vibration levels like loudspeakers should be additionally secured using the WBT serrated lock washer WBT-9150, for example.

Explanatory notes:

Hint for OEMs
Due to the current safety regulations, the 4 mm banana holes of WBT pole terminals should be closed using the safety stick WBT-0799.


Conductor cross section (max.):outside: 10 mm² (7 AWG)
inside: 4 mm² (11 AWG)
Connection technology:outside: 4 mm banana plug, spades (6 - 8 mm spade), crimping
inside: soldering or 6.3 mm flat push-on cable shoe
Wall thickness:from 0.9 to 6.5 mm (from 4.5 mm without the puzzle plate)
Identification:red, white or black


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