• Torque

    Torque is the product of force and leverage with which, for example, a screw is turned. The unit of measurement is newton meters (Nm). Nm = kgm²/s². The WBT-0481 torque controlled Dynakey is set to 5 dNm torque (d stands for deci or 1/10th of the value) so that a screw with this screwdriver can only be screwed on with this force (this torque). Thereby, an over screwing of the screw and any accompanying damage to the cable connector will be avoided (see also transition resistance).

  • Torx / Screws

    Torx is as a tool fitting, a further development of the hexagonal socket and crosshead screw. The profile is similar to a star with six spikes and rounded tips and edges. The profile is vertical and so no back thrust arises which can lead to damage of the screw head. WBT uses only screws with T.6 profile, so that only one tool is required for all Torx screws.

  • Transistion Resistance

    When two electrical conductors are connected, an electrical resistance forms at the transition point between the two conductors. This resistance depends on the contact size and state of the surface. Since surfaces are never flat in microscopic measure, contact only takes place at the highest point.

    If one considers that the contact point is made by conductor metal on conductor metal, it is valid, as for all resistance, that the value is determined by specific resistance, the surface through which the current rate flows and the height of the ‘contact peaks’’.

    The greater the amount of contact point surfaces there are, the lower the resulting resistance and consequently the greater is the capacity which the contact points can transmit. The conductors must be firmly pressed together so that the distance, the height of the ‘contact peaks’ is as small as possible and the contact area as large as possible.

    The greater the force at the contact points, assuming stability, the better the contact. For this reason, all WBT plugs, pole terminals and cable shoes are constructed to either withstand or create high contact force.


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