• Safety-pin

    (only with WBT-0645)

    The banana plug WBT-0645 is the only banana plug which is equipped with a safety spike (safely pin). This makes the WBT-0645 a CE compliant connection plug according to intention since it prevents the accidental insertion of the plug into a power socket by, for example children playing.

    The safety pin is a pure safety spike and has absolutely sonic properties. It should not be confused with the Safety Stick!

  • Solder Connection

    A connection made between two electrical conductors by soldering. A suitable soldering tool and solder will be required. An important quality criteria for solder is the melting point. Electronic components are often sensitive to heat or embedded in plastic which can become soft on heating. In order to avoid damage under these conditions, the melting point of the solder should be as low as possible. The soldering tool should also not become too hot. A further quality criteria is the flux which is necessary to minimise the surface tension of the fluid solder so that a wetting of the area to be soldered can take place. Care should be taken to prevent the flux from attacking the area to be soldered. WBT solder is optimised for both criteria. It has a very low melting point and the flux is halogen free thereby avoiding any corrosion of the sensitive surface. When the soldering process is considered, the fairly simple procedure of joining two metal pieces together with a third fluid one (molten solder) is in fact very complicated. It is not enough to bring the molten solder, the flux and the contact pieces to be soldered simply together. The following important parameters should be observed:

    • The process of melting and solidifying should ideally take place within narrow temperature ranges so that a quick wetting and also a quick and brittle free solidifying is achieved. Only then will the surface of the solder joint remain smooth and corrosion protected. ´
    • The molten solder should not be excessively applied to either the older tip or the copper conductor to be soldered (Of particular importance for equipment manufacturers: the solder must be suited to the valid requirements and the subsequently pre-tin-plated components).
    • The conductivity of the solder materials should not make the completed connection electrically poorer than that of the feed cables.

    That today’s good quality solder contains a certain amount of silver is mainly due to the above mentioned requirements. WBT silver solder always contains 4% fine silver. Should the silver content be raised substantially above 4%, the metallurgical balance of the solder would be significantly destroyed and the price disproportionately increased. The new lead-free WBT solder WBT-0805, WBT-0825 and WBT-0845 possesses a lower increase in conductivity in comparison to the lead containing versions, WBT-0800, WBT-0820 and WBT-0840. This is mainly due to the increased tin content.

  • Stackable

    (only possible with the WBT-0645)

    When the possibility exists to install bi-wiring connections on one equipment side but not on the other (for example, with a amplifier), then the WBT-0645 allows the possibility to interconnect the two plus contacts (red) or two minus contacts (white) on that piece of equipment. Simply insert the second connector into the back of the spindle of the first and tighten firmly. Tip: before inserting and/or removing the plug, remember to loosen the central pin/spindle.


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