• AWG (American Wire Gauge)

    AWG is the American measurement unit for cable and equals the approximate cross section of a cable in mm². The numerical value of this US American system denotes the respective conductor cross-section or rather, the conductor diameter. The numbers themselves are non-dimensional and are derived from a logarithmic relationship to a reference value (similar to the known measurement decibel). Since the calculation specification is rather unwieldy for daily use, a table is used which establishes the interrelationship between the AWG figure and the corresponding cross-section or rather diameter. It should be noted that the effective conductor cross-section is described and so for stranded cable, a space factor is considered which allows the cross-sectional area (wire and air) a size from 25% up to 40%. Comparison list between AWG and cross-section in mm², whereby the equivalent cross-sectional surface of the AWG figure is up to 10 % above the stated metric comparison surface:

    AWGmm²theor. mm² 


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